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Morgan Allen
Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United States
Morgan Allen's artistic career began at an early age as a method to convey emotions and cope with distressful situations in her life. She still strives to express raw emotions in her work and believes the process of automatism is one of the best ways to be honest with yourself and your audience. Motifs of horses, dogs, and birds are commonly used in her work to express salvation, anger, and loath.

Morgan Allen has studied at Blinn College in Bryan, Texas and more recently at Texas A&M University in Corpus Christi, Texas. She has studied abroad in Spain, France, and Italy and enjoys travel, nature, and art history. She currently calls Chicago home, where she works as a freelance artist.
Because of some drama at work, I was fired from my job earlier this week. Although starting off I genuinely loved working there, the longer I stayed the more I was treated like shit, and the quicker I realized it was a shit hole.

There is this one employee who has been there for 9 years, is 40 years old, but acts like an 8th grader. He's always sexually harassing female employees an clients, often behind their backs but sometimes to their face. At some point he began sexually harassing my soon-to-be roommate who works in a different department than us. He did it to get giggles out of everyone, and at first I let it slide... But eventually I had enough and I called him out and gave him a stern talk about how innapropriate the things he was saying were. He acted like he understood, and that he would stop.

And for all I knew, he did stop. I heard nothing for several months after that talk, until of course one of my coworkers approached me with innapropriate questions about my roommate. My coworker then made it clear that this sexual harassing coworker of mine did not stop, he merely stopped his disgusting behavior around me.

I approached my roommate later that night to tell them what was going on behind their back, with the understanding that this will possibly affect my job. My roommate took this information to their superiors, and it traveled up the stairs, eventually leading to a stern talking to between the owner and the sexually harassing employee.

He wasn't fired. He was angry at me, that was no secret by the way this joker was giving me the silent treatment. Revenge would be his, eventually. I began looking for other employment options. I was doomed because this 9-year employee is the boyfriend of the head supervisor, my boss.

Anyway, long story short a few months later I was called into the owners office and terminated because I was accused of hitting dogs, and that it's been reported by supervisors that "I have a problem with the way things run here". Well, to be honest I do have a problem with the way things run there because that same 9-year employee that accused me of hitting dogs has been accused of punching dogs several times and he has never been terminated, namely because every employee who is questioned is afraid to tell the truth because his girlfriend is the boss. Why is it that I get accused once and I'm not even questioned, I'm immediately terminated?

Well, because I'm disposable. My enemies included two supervisors and a senior employee, all which formed an alliance and voted me off the island. Even the owner who terminated me was in tears when he let me go. I knew it would happen eventually. The world isn't fair or just. All other employees, many of whom were my friends, were shocked when they heard I was terminated, but once they realized what events lead up to it, they weren't any longer.

That place was hell. It sucked. I'm glad I got fired. I wish I found other employment and quit first, but people know the truth and that's all I care about. That place is doomed for collapse, and I'll grin when it does.

Mostly wanted to share this story because it's nice to vent.

I believe it's a blessing in disguise, really. I am looking for other immediate employment options, anything I can get to pay my bills and rent. Ultimately my goal is to get a higher paying part time job in the art field, and to make the rest of my cash doing freelance work both online and in the city. I've been wanting to get back into art, but working so hard, such odd hours, and for very little money left me exhausted and unable to paint. Now I'm unemployed! I can paint AND job hunt! And since I saw my impending unjustful termination coming, I now have 4 months of comfortable living expenses to sit on until I do get a job.

I should mention I do have another job already lined up at a frame shop where my dad has been taking my art to get framed for many years. Right now it's just a waiting game to see when the position opens. I'm looking forward to a 9 to 5 job. I hate working 6 to 1 or 12 to 8 picking up dog shit. I'm ready to get back into art!

I never thought I'd be this happy to be unemployed!
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