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January 15, 2008


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Inspired By The Brazos Animal Shelter
Where I see all kinds of Dogs...

Happy Dogs
Good dog by Tiiinek Dandelion Dog by Sarahfina22Hot Dog by tidesend
Smiling Dogs
Dog face by HomicidePhotographyThe dog by georgitanevThe Dog by briteddy
Wet Dogs
Fish Dog. by ElectedTheRejectedfunny dog by SaraBunnyDog by tomba76
Dry Dogs
Desert Dog by warmspotAres.. by lusiozelWithout direction by ggarfield
Pampered Dogs
The Dog by MySanitariumMy Dog by sealove0699Snowball the Dog by theadeleon
Spoiled Dogs
Puppy Dogs
buddy the dog by scoot75Puppy 032 by hfpiersonPuppy Paws by DottyDrama
Old Dogs
:thumb36739153:Old Dog by DeadboltXa Dog World by Betzibu

Running Dogs
:thumb18372566::thumb69622762:Running Dog by PlanksAndSticks
Jumping Dogs
Dog meets air by RohwenJumping Dog by gvhflying dimitri by Trueblood
Sleepy Dogs
dog by granderoue Dog by MadHatterVVVIjust chillin' by cweeks
Fluffy Dogs
:thumb66139441:Untitled Dog Photo 1 by thisfleshavengedMine. by mudri
Hairless Dogs
Flying dog by floChaWindy day by SaNNaSGael by Xoloitzcuintle
Droopy Dogs
Sad Puppy Dog Eyes by ewm:thumb58689632:It's a Dog's World by gilad
Wrinkled Dogs
Serious Pup by Goodbye-kitty975Pug dog portrait by Foto-frontBull Dog by sharadhaksar
Skinny Dogs
Greyhound by MindCreationsdog from the street by MotyPestNatalie by jfujita

Fast Dogs!
:thumb57211310:HK's Red Bullet by rmh12187Hound race by sandyprints
Slow Dogs...
dog by itsallnoisetomeAt the Dog Park 4 by violentcystOld dog... No tricks by jamaram
Short Dogs
The Long and the Short of it by substarlink at the park by ryokogirleFetch by substar
Long Dogs
Show dog candidate by KainnonMillie by NeverlandForeverLaying down sad by Kainnon
Spotted Dogs
:thumb31665267:DOOM the rat with Hapa the dog by hawaiian-chick41 days old by RodriguezVillegas
Beach Dogs
Dog by twistedgeek:thumb43609210:Dog by kickerofshins
Forest Dogs
:thumb69538213:Freakin' cute by turningpageThere's an angel in the forest by artsykrissy
Hunting Dogs
Hunting dogs in full flight by steelriverimageshunting dog by HugoLeijonThe Start by contains-mild-peril

Lap Dogs
Mia the Devil Dog by EvilxElfOld Man With Dog by eva44Happiness is a warm lap by Argocat8
Napping Dogs
Sleeping dog by FelicianoDog's nap by SeladoreA Nap After Play by Lufas
Muddy Dogs
mud is what makes a dog happy by Ailime-AelWet and Muddy by wilderBeestLuna's First Hike by viudu
Dusty Dogs
Dust Bowl by cactusprickShake by saudimack:thumb66829712:
Soiled Dogs
Muddy but Beautiful by Diamondeyez1990Guarding by starrynightxxi:thumb66683874:
Curious Dogs
New Orleans Dog by ocomysCurious Dog by KarinaPhairdog by maly2
Shy Dogs
The Dog by ElrishaThe Dog by ByStarrlightNo Photos Please by Ytzeek
Playful Dogs
Faith healer by KateWalkerWet dog by NickSchiavulliThe Dog... by sergey1984

House Dogs
Stuffed Dog by Kinhasthe cutest dog in the world by claytes:thumb46976867:
Caged Dogs
:thumb50511098:dog by LundernHello Stranger by Goodbye-kitty975
Free Dogs
copper-dog running in sunlight by Ailime-Aeldog by theunfakefakeWhen a dog runs free by runningtopless
Wild Dogs
Playful Wild dog by PBPhoenix:thumb58202067:Wild dog by Sorcha-1978
Street Dogs
Stray dog by PaPeRDoLLLLTraveling by umwayao
Shelter Dogs
Shelter-11 by sugabear:thumb60680921::thumb27609790:
Searching Dogs
Poor dog.. by vito14Dog's Life by tortuegraphics+ See the way you'll walk. + by yellow-stock
Lonely Dogs
The Dog's story... by II-calm-IIPortrait of an orphan dog by TheNightShrewLonely Puppy by DkL

Hurt Dogs
Dog Days by motoblade- The kind human nature? by Mind-of-PiaoAnimal Shelter II by Laisha
Sad Dogs
:thumb63051660:Big Trouble in a Little Puppy by IrishRaineHurt by Madhorse5
Beat Dogs
Chained by OrchidAngelabused -1 by irisdallivy by zombieerose
Neglected Dogs
City Dog by Aderet:thumb74057982:A Stranger by Synstriss
Doomed Dogs
:thumb10287021:We only ask for love by TheCripplingEffectBehind Bars by enticement
Ruined Dogs
Dog Zombi by davampireRuined Canine by jillagig3 dogs by draztic
Mean Dogs
Angry by Laishadog killed the queen by foxglove-photographyMean dogs by WhiteShoresCalling
Killer Dogs
Attack by marcelombBeware Of Dog by sugabearAttack 2 by marcelomb

Shattered Dogs
:thumb52143870:Zero by PrincessPaigeLooking From the Shadows by kurtywompus
Fated Dogs
-dont leave me here- by fangedfemShelter-12 by sugabearalone. divided by diversen
Unlucky Dogs...
dead dog by 13112003:thumb52395143:Every Dog Has It's Day by MikSedene
Dogs Out of Time...
desert dog by henkebenkwithout words by depthaRotten dog by neis69

Blessed Dogs
:thumb64872779:My Dog Casper by tracieteephotography
Lucky Dogs
The Dog by OuylleGuy the Dog by sergeif
Loved Dogs
My Dog by mr-blonde-22b and the guardian c ... by cweekssoulmates. by eXtremeBiker
Ones on their way!
Cute - 3 by furryphotosBefore and After by TheSpockJockAtalina Biting by Kono-Spirit
Tresured Dogs
StarBucks Dog by Project-LifeHug by elsydrummerno one can harm you by PrateekRajbhandari
Favorite dogs
dog by thecreepsMy Stray Dog by SorrowfulSolitude:thumb69736348:
Prized Dogs
I used to be a Show Dog by naskaliDog Show 3 by BrandybDog Show 5 by Brandyb
Simple Dogs
Dog by skatepunk98Guard Dog by JandDphotographyThe Dog by Virus69

Your Dogs
Happy Dog... by DeidreofthesorrowsJake an the dog by Ceriaz:thumb52463111:
My Dogs
Bounding, Bounding, Oh The Joy by caroro-stockDo you love Me? by caroro-stockNever Forget You by caroro-stock
They're Dogs Either Way!
More Grey Pups + Borzoi by eljakimSled dogs 2 by Pawkeyecool dogs by pinaymixedchiq

A Dog's Life can take so many routs. Help him pick the right one. You control that rout, anyway...
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gurugu-mawaru Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2008
That's so cute!
:+fav: a bunch of them ^^,
steelriverimages Featured By Owner May 14, 2008
nice one thanks for the add !! great collection, can almost smell the doggy do lol !!
eaglesgal54 Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2008
That was absolutely beautiful. It really touched me. So many dogs, so many different lives. Outstanding job.
nellusatko Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2008  Student General Artist
thx so much for featuring this cattegory- dogs.I :heart: it !!!!
elsydrummer Featured By Owner Feb 23, 2008   Photographer
sorry for the big delay..
I loved your collection, im glad me and my beloved dog Bamboo are part of it.
Thank you :)
jessesrt4 Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2008
nice, i have four dogs i should put more of the pics i have up.
thisfleshavenged Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2008   Photographer
Awesome article and a fantastic collection. Thank you for the feature!!

BelleMagie Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Hooray for the Papillons featured!

Sorry, I had to showoff my baby. :blush:

Anyway, touching article. How could something be so cute and make you feel so good, but then so sad inside? Def a :+favlove:
BelleMagie Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2008  Hobbyist Photographer
Sorry to keep spamming you but I forgot my best one! [link]
I hope you enjoy. :blush:
sergeif Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2008  Professional Photographer
Fantastic piece. Thank you for the feature =]
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